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RAM JAM Bam-A-Lam Challenge

Equipment required – DEKA approved Tank Sled & Spartan RAM (44/22/11)

2 person teams – male, female, co-ed, & youth (10-13) divisions



(Competition & Rules)



Start timer

Teammate 1 – Tank Push/Pull down & back x 1 (10 meter push down & 10 meter pull back)

Teammate 2 – Complete as many Spartan RAM Burpees as possible while teammate 1 is completing Tank Push/Pull.

Once Tank Push/Pull is complete the 2 teammates swap positions (this completes 1 round).

Continue repeating until a total of 400 meters of Tank Push/Pull is completed (20 rounds).



All current DEKA Zone 9 & 10 rules apply for this DEKA Quarterly Challenge

Co-ed teams are allowed to have someone helping swap resistance (not required)

A Spartan RAM Burpee rep completed after each of the first 19 Tank Push/Pull down & backs are completed will count toward total burpee reps.

A Spartan RAM Burpee rep completed after the 20th Tank Push/Pull down & back is completed will not count toward total burpee reps.

(Scoring & Judging)



Total seconds to complete 400 meters of Tank Push/Pull & subtract total Spartan RAM Burpees completed from total seconds = score


10:30 to complete 400 meters = 630 seconds

120 Spartan RAM Burpees completed

630 minus 120 = 510



A minimum of one judge is required for each team. 

The judge will need a score sheet to documents 20 rounds of Spartan RAM Burpee reps & mark off each completed Tank Push/Pull down & back reps (20 total)

The judge is also responsible for calculating the final score.