(High intensity)

Thursday is a High Intensity Lower Body Strength & Endurance Class that focuses on burning fat, gaining lean muscle, increase endurance, and improving core strength.   The class program consists of a 5-8 minute calisthenic warm-up, a jog and/or a Tabata that’s based on your limitations, and then your workout begins.  Much like the Tuesday Upper Body Class we at ISH Fitness understand people may be a different fitness levels and we encourage that diversity in our classes, all exercises are modified based on your limitations.  The formate of the class is based on the size of the class.  The class structure of 5 or more consist of high intense circuit training.  There are 12 or more stations that involves cardio, abs, then legs.  The work ratio consist of 40 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest.  You would repeat the circuit twice.  Classes that happen to have 4 or less that day would be restructured to AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) superset circuits of (Leg Exercise for 4 sets, proceeds Core Exercise of 3 sets).  

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