Upper Body Cardio Fusion

(HIgh Intensity Upper Body Strength & Endurance)


Tuesday is a High Intensity Upper Body Strength & Endurance Class that focuses on burning fat, gaining lean muscle, increase endurance, and improving core strength.   The class program consists of a 5-8 minute calisthenic warm-up, a jog and/or a Tabata that’s based on your limitations, and then your workout begins.  The formate consist of 3 rounds of training, each round has a cardio componant (those that can run would sprint and those that need lower impact would do safe exercises to increase your heart rate) followed by a push and a pull exercises, and a core exercise.  Each round would be repeated 3 times before you rotate to the next round. We at ISH Fitness understand people may be a different fitness levels and we encourage that diversity in our classes. That is why everyone is paired in their fitness level sub group.  All exercises are modified based on your limitations.  

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