It Starts Here Fitness isn’t your average gym – in fact, it’s the place to go for those ready to achieve their personal fitness goals through individualized on-on-one training,  as well as small group and class oriented workout sessions. Lane, an avid volleyball player who coaches at Ocean State Volleyball in West Warwick, is the strength and conditioning coach for the Warwick Vets HS girls volleyball team incorporates athletic base training the training sessions.  Brad works with each client on a personal level to develop a fun challenging program to achieve their fitness goals. While the ultimate objective is to help you reach independence, he’s right by their side to help them turn fitness ideals into reality.

Whether you’re goals are athletic driven, weight loss management, body toning, overhauling your fitness regiment, or in post-rehab, Lane has devise a plan that works just for you. Using the state-of-the-art equipment available at his fitness center he will work with small groups of up to four people, mid-size classes, but his preference is to work one-on-one with his clients to achieve an optimal outcome.

It Starts Here Fitness offers a functional, non-traditional approach to fitness that is designed to help you realize those long postponed desires to get back in shape and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. this isn’t something you need to do alone, and with the expertise, guidance, and inspiration of brad lane, you can start right here, right now. don’t wait another day!

State of the Art Technology

• Cardiovascular Machines • Ultimate Sand Bag • Jump Ropes • Battling Ropes • Medicine Balls • Fitlight Trainer • TRX Strength Training Station • Free Weights • Bands • Bosu Balls • Sled • Tire Training • Plyo Boxes • Slide Board • TRX Rip Training Station • Ladder Training•

Comprehensive Programming

• Strength and Agility • Reflex / Quickness • Resistant Training • Speed • Performance Enhancement • Corrective exercise • Visual Processing and Tracking • Flexibility • Reaction response time • Balance • Endurance • Training for Warrior’s • Beach Training • Range of Motion • Vertical Jump • Power • Core Training

Detailed Assessment

• Strength and Speed Assessment • Body Composition: including weight, BMI, LBM, Body Fat • Body Measurement • Vertical reach • Nutritional •

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It Starts Here Fitness’s inspiration comes from Bradford’s enthusiasm for the fitness lifestyle, the ability to motivate, educate, and improve an individual physically and mentally. What makes his personal training experience unique is his ability to challenge his clients to reach their physical limitation while insuring a fun energetic experience. His training sessions include a flexible open mind approach to sustain the client interests. He follows a smooth transitional training program while gradually increasing intensity. His passion for physical fitness drives him to undertake personal training seminars to teach the newest innovated methods. This allows him to personalize individual sessions to establish healthy relations with his clients.

He is well-versed in various training methods such as: aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises including: kettle bells, cables, bands, rope, free weights, polymeric, trx suspension and trx rip trainer. depending upon the individual requirements, training sessions focus on improving flexibility, balance, tone, strength, endurance, agility and power. he ensures his clients are comfortable with all sessions, and adhere to the program for maximum efficacy.

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