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It Starts Here Fitness isn’t your average gym – in fact, it’s the place to go for those ready to achieve their personal fitness goals through individualized private sessions, as well as semi private sessions, and group classes. Lane, a local resident of Warwick RI, works with each client on a personal level to develop a fun challenging program to achieve their fitness goals. While the ultimate objective is to help you reach independence, he’s right by their side to help them turn fitness ideals into reality.

Whether you’re goals are athletic driven, weight loss management, obstacle training, overhauling your fitness regiment, or in post-rehab, Lane has devise a plan that works just for you. It Starts Here Fitness offers a functional, non-traditional approach to fitness that is designed to help you realize those long postponed desires to get back in shape and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This isn’t something you need to do alone, and with the expertise, guidance, and inspiration of Brad Lane, you can start right here, right now. Don’t wait another day!

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In 2009, Brad Lane received his personal training certification through The International Sports Science Association. He believes, no matter what your fitness level and/or limitations may be your new fitness goals happens at IT STARTS HERE.  Since opening ISH Fitness in 2014, he has trained elite athletes, helped hundreds of people reach their transformation goals, and encourage/motivate clients to accomplish new fitness levels.  His passion for hiking and completing in OCR Races paved the way for him in becoming a Spartan SGX Coach.  As a Spartan SGX Coach he saw the value in having ISH Fitness become one of the Founder Spartan Deka Affiliates. Spartan Deka is one of the newest training programs that will help you reach your fitness goals- prepare you to compete in Spartan DEKA Races- earn your medal.  This program has successfully given his clients an internal competitiveness to train with a purpose, no matter what their fitness level.  


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(Katelyn Aka k-Fit)

Katelyn has always had a passion for fitness. She grew up playing many sports, and was always in the gym. Katelyn believes, having fitness in your life is vital for optimal health and wellness both physically and mentally. She has been an AFAA certified trainer for four years, and loves combining both strength and cardio in her classes. Katelyn enjoys watching her clients strive to overcome any obstacle thrown at them. She is dedicated to ensure every single person that enters her class feeling strong and ready to conquer anything put in their way. Let Katelyn create a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.
̈Increased physical activity enhances positive energy. ̈ - Lailah Gifty Akita

(Paul Wilson )

Description of coach and certifications

(Merideth )

Description of coach and certifications

State of the Art Technology

• Cardiovascular Machines • Ultimate Sand Bag • Jump Ropes • Battling Ropes • Medicine Balls • Fitlight Trainer • TRX Strength Training Station • Free Weights • Bands • Bosu Balls • Sled • Tire Training • Plyo Boxes • Slide Board • TRX Rip Training Station • Ladder Training•

Comprehensive Programming

• Strength and Agility • Reflex / Quickness • Resistant Training • Speed • Performance Enhancement • Corrective exercise • Visual Processing and Tracking • Flexibility • Reaction response time • Balance • Endurance • Training for Warrior’s • Beach Training • Range of Motion • Vertical Jump • Power • Core Training

Detailed Assessment

• Strength and Speed Assessment • Body Composition: including weight, BMI, LBM, Body Fat • Body Measurement • Vertical reach • Nutritional •

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