Spartan Deka

THE STORY OF DEKA Spartan Race is well known around the world for bringing outdoor obstacle course racing to all levels of athletes. The mission of the company is to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness by providing diverse programming and events for the masses. Spartan would step deeper into the fitness industry and launch an indoor decathlon and training programs for ALL levels and genres of fitness called DEKA. DEKA is built from functional and rudimentary movements that consist of 10 functional fitness zones that will that will motivate, increase individual performance, and create a sense of community.

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High Intensity Strength & Endurance

High Intensity Strength & Endurance Class focuses on burning fat, gaining lean muscle, increase endurance, and improving core strength. The class program consists of a 5-8 minute warm-up, a short run based on your ability or a Tabata then your workout begins. Tuesday Classes focuses on Sprinting and Upper Body exercises. I subdivide the class into small groups based on individual fitness level to complete 3-4 rounds of exercises. All exercises are modified based on your limitations. Thursday Classes has the same warm up routine as Tuesdays but the workout consists of Circuit Training with 9-12 stations based on 30 to 45 second workloads. The stations include medicine ball/kettle ball training, ladder drills, jump rope, battling ropes, free weights, and more. The varieties of stations allow for a dynamic and energy filled workout perfect for all ability levels.

TRX Yoga Fusion

TRX YOGA FUSION (Seasonal Class)You will break down tension while building upper and lower body strength and mobility, with yoga inspired TRX workouts. The TRX Suspension Trainer provides an excellent way to modify, scale, complement and improve your yoga skills. Develop strength, balance and flexibility as you progress through the beginner, intermediate and advance progressions.

Upper Body Cardio Fusion

Legs, Cardio, Core

Spartan Deka Obstacle Training

Body Tone

Strength Training

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